BIM network groups in New Zealand

The purpose of BIM network groups throughout New Zealand is for sharing thoughts, knowledge and information about people, process, policy and technology for the built environment community. They are non-profit groups who meet quarterly and aim to provide a range of topics from managerial to technical through to business and aspirational - all for free.

The BIM network groups believe in providing an avenue for clients, practitioners, contractors, asset managers and interested parties to come together in an informal gathering to discuss, learn, and share from others in the industry. The networks are run by committees giving their time freely, and they welcome your feedback and suggestions for topics and speakers.


BIM AK – Auckland

BIM AK is the Auckland based BIM network group. We host events quarterly at a central Auckland location. 

BIM AK committee members include:
•  Christian McCartney  – Hawkins (Chair)
•  Olivia Pearson – Ignite Architects
•  Mitchell Powell – GHD Woodhead
•  Simon Mobley - asBuilt

Find us on Linkedin by following the link below.  

Bim.well – Wellington

Born out of the successful BIM focused meetings held by RUGwell last year, BIM.well is a new group formed to accommodate people interested in BIM no matter what industry segment they are in or what software they use.

We host events quarterly at a central Wellington location.

BIM.well committee members include:
•  Kevin Thickett – Aurecon
•  Grant Taylor – Caduseus / RevitWorks
•  Michael Warwick – MAW Design
•  Jason Howden - Warren & Mahoney Technologies
•  Sarah Wooton - RCP
•  Alan Tier - Jasmax
•  Michael Gould - LT McGuiness

Find us online at
to receive updates on upcoming events and speakers for hosted events.

BIMsiNZ – South Island

BIMsiNZ (BIM South Island New Zealand) supports the South Island with a place to learn and share knowledge about BIM.

We generally host events on the 2nd Wednesday every two months at a central Christchurch location.  

BIMsiNZ committee members include:
•  Glenn Jowett - AECOM (Chair)
•  Neil Munro - Ignite Architecture
•  Graham Allan - Structex
•  Jeames Hanley - Warren and      Mahoney
•  Keeley Pomeroy - AECOM
•  Slava Mozgonov - BIMCADEng

Find us on Facebook at
to receive updates on upcoming events and speakers for hosted events.