BIM - better building process, building better performance

BIM is the process of sharing of structured information specially for buildings and infrastructure type assets. While it offers an efficient way to design and plan, it goes well beyond initial conception and construction.

BIM enables everyone who is involved in any way with the asset, at any stage in its lifecycle, with the information they need to do their job efficiently. These processes are supported with digital technologies which provides a way to collaborate and share information, create efficiencies, save money, reduce risk and ultimately, maximise the building’s potential.

A game-changer

Few things have the potential to positively impact on New Zealand's building and construction sector as Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM is the only improvement initiative that holds the promise of a 'giant leap forward' rather than just an incremental gain.

Accelerating the use of BIM in New Zealand

Because it is key to achieving this significant increase, accelerating the use of BIM in the construction process has become a priority. It is vital that industry, clients and government begin to take advantage of its many benefits – especially during this time of high construction demand. New Zealanders need more affordable, quality buildings and infrastructure, now and in the future.

This site offers a number of tools and links to increase the use of BIM across New Zealand.



Download the latest edition of the New Zealand BIM Handbook.



EBOSS and the BIM Acceleration Committee are pleased to announce the findings from the fourth survey of our five-year programme that follows the progress of the introduction of Building Information Modelling (BIM) into New Zealand.
Click the link below to read more and view the full 2017 survey results.