BIM Industry Training

An important enabler of BIM adoption is to ensure that construction professionals of today remain current with the changing ways of delivering great value to clients, whilst at the same time increasing the range of digitals tools available.


The New Zealand BIM Handbook

This document and related appendices and tools are the essential starting point for all things BIM.

BIM101 - an insight

Sharing joint learnings on BIM use in New Zealand, to highlight the need to change, explain how BIM and collaboration can help effect that change and start removing perceived barriers to BIM adoption.


BIM101 - Seminar series videos

An introductory series of videos that cover: The need to change, BIM around the world, BIM in New Zealand, What is meant by BIM, Standards, methods and processes, Collaborating with BIM and Where to from here.


BIM Network Groups

Featuring invaluable peer to peer support, guest speakers and a feature theme each session. These network events are a great ongoing BIM training tool that shouldn’t be overlooked.

With thanks to…

None of this would be possible without the enormous commitment of the NZIOB and the BIM Industry Training Group, particularly: Dennis Burns – Archaus, Glenn Jowett – Beca, Craig Watkins – Hawkins, David McDonald – John Leen Plumbing, Keeley Pomeroy – AECOM, Peter Jeffs - Architectus