University of Auckland Engineering School

BIM steers complex services-centric building design; consultants embrace one version of the ‘truth’.

Researchers and students at the University of Auckland engineering school will be working from brand new purpose built labs and multi-disciplinary learning spaces from 2020. The centrepiece of construction is a 12-storey, 30,000 sqm building known as Building 405 (B405).

A highly complex building, the 98 research labs within B405 posed particular design and engineering challenges. The project consultants, Beca and Jasmax, used BIM processes throughout building design – an approach that ensured teams worked in a more coordinated fashion. Adopting BIM processes to steer design authoring and review, spatial programming, 3D coordination, and engineering and structural analysis asset information delivered a highly coordinated model, effectively de-risking a highly-complex design phase.

“In some projects the prevailing view is that BIM is simply designing in a 3D modelling platform. But that view is incorrect. The BIM processes we developed supported the level of collaboration across project teams critical to the successful development and delivery this complex project.”

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Project duration:
Design process commenced December 2014 - currently under construction

BIM Uses:
Design authoring
Spatial programming
Design review
3D coordination
Engineering and structural analysis